Insemination Supplies
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Intracervical (ICI)

Intracervical insemination is a relatively simple procedure and is very similar to IVI.   An intracervical insemination can be performed at a physician's office or within the comfort of your own home.  A speculum is inserted into the vaginal canal to allow the placement of the semen into the cervix.  The placement of the semen is accomplished through a syringe and catheter.  It only takes about five minutes to peform.  After the sperm has been deposited in the cervix the speculum, syringe, and catheter are removed. 

The sperm used in this procedure is natural, "unwashed" sperm.  The cervix is responsible for "washing" the sperm as it travels into the uterus, therefore a natural speciman may be used.  If you order the sperm from the sperm bank then they have an "unwashed" option.  If you are performing the intracervical insemination at home or in a physician's office then a natural ejaculated sample can be used.
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