Insemination Supplies
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Intravaginal (IVI)

The most common method of insemination is Intravaginal.  Quite often it is refered to as the "turkey baster method."  It is nicknamed the turkey baster method because semen is placed directly into the vaginal canal with a sterile syringe.  There have been people who have used a turkey baster in place of a sterile syringe.  We don't reccomend the use of a turkey baster as a safe practice by any means.  Nonetheless,the aim is for enough healthy and motile sperm to swim through the vaginal canal, up into the cervix, and into the uterus and falloption tubes to find the egg and fertilize it.

Semen used in an intravaginal insemination may be from a fresh ejaculation or from thawed donor sperm.  Many couples or single women don't have access to healthy, motile sperm in high enough counts to achieve conception so they turn to sperm donor bank or fertility clinic to purchase frozen donor sperm.  Some women chose to accept a sperm donation from a friend for use during insemination.  This can cause potential legal issues down the road.

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